Our MLM Software's Features

We have expert team of MLM developers, who can deliver the best kind of service to your requirement. Our team has built MLM software which is license protected, we can customize the software according to your requirement.

Automatic Payment Processing
Backup System
Commission management
Customer Feedback
Distribution Management
Ecommerce Integration
Email Alert
Fast, Secure, Reliable
Franchise Management
Help And Support
Integrated with CMS
Integrated with E-Commerce Shopping Cart
Integrated with Inventory software
Inventory Management
Lead Management
Live chat system
Multi Currency
Multi Language
Order Management
Payment Gateway Integration
Payment Processing
Prospecting Tools
Sales Reporting
Shipping Management
SMS Integration
Support Website Replication
TAX Calculation


One of the key things that our team does is listen, build the right enablement material for the right partners so that they have that confidence to deliver that exceptional customer experience. It is a form of an infinitesimal loop to recruit people who’ll buy and sell your product and in-turn recruit more people. There are two ways to go about a business – either go and sell the product yourself or hire people to buy and sell the product who’d be further recruiting more people to do the same.

MLM Plans

  • Matrix MLM Plan

    Matrix MLM plan is popular plan among the MLM companies which helps in organizing various essentials. Matrix Comp Plan is similar to a pyramid where the members are arranged in a particular manner. It is one of the most important unilevel plans which owe specific features. Our MLM software helps to organize and understand the concept more easily. The matrix compensation plan supports in extending the tree as per the requirement and this comes with multiple features.
    If you choose 3*3 matrix plan, you can recruit three members to the first level and the rest will spill over to later levels with a depth of three level. Here the matrix said to have three numbers in width as well as in depth.

  • Binary MLM Plan

    The binary plan is one of the most reputed multilevel compensation plan which turned much popular with the quality response from several MLM companies. The positive reviews and the productivity turned this software extremely effective and people can enjoy the powerful features.
    An effective binary compensation plan gives value to all members and the best part is that the plan comes with an “equality” oriented approach. Active people in any industry will gain profit with great easiness. Based up on mlm leads new distributors are placed on the left and right legs, thus the tree grows on and on. Also, a well-balanced system makes the plan active.

  • Board MLM Plan

    Every board can have bonus or income based on the income plan arrangement and all the members under the board can gain handsome returns.The entire members earn profits,but one who is inactive may find the plan a bit complicated.Understanding the plan is much crucial in order to implement it and the one who do not follow the plan may find it much complicated.The majority of the MLM software companies started following this even a beginner can start earning in a wonderful way by choosing the excellent board income plan.

  • Unilevel MLM Plan

    The Unilevel MLM software plan supports people in sponsoring till the nth level. The first level members can add members to the downline and earn an unlimited bonus. This particular MLM plan helps to make use of one’s network for a high earning possibility and thereby becoming beneficial.

  • Party MLM Plan

    Party has become a hobby and when your son becomes a graduate, a promotion, end of bachelor life, we say - "Let's party"! Not many think of creating a useful or profitable business while s/he organizes a party or hosting the party. Here comes the boom with a new MLM Plan and we call it "Party MLM Plan". Here is the working of the plan and it's simple and effective for most of the party lovers.

  • Hybrid MLM Plan

    A hybrid compensation plan, is a plan wherein a company makes a combination of two or more traditional compensation plans. Several companies have been undertaking this task to keep up with the competition of the growing market. To elaborate more – several companies use binary compensation plan but prefer to have pay out structure of generation plan.

  • Generation MLM Plan

    Generation Plan is considered to be the strongest amongst all the compensation plans. As the name suggests, it depicts a generation or a genealogy. It also has some other names like Gap Commission Plans or Repurchase Plans. In this plan, all the directs of a single sponsor is considered as the first level of the sponsor. Furthermore, the members included can have ‘n’ number of directs. To explain better, if ‘A’ is the sponsor, then his generation will include all the members – A1, A2, A3… who hold equal rank in the network. As the network grows, directs can also sponsor ‘n’ number of distributors. The specialty of this plan lies in its growth wherein it grows bigger horizontally than vertically. The flow is from left-to-right and top-to-bottom. The distribution of income too is undertaken as per generation levels. The income for per member is fixed according to its level.

  • Stair Step Breakaway Plan

    The plan is so simple to grasp as it allows unlimited frontline and if one can meet the cut-off percentage, they can move up and finally at a certain level will achieve breakaway. While entering into the plan there is an initial cost, the breakaway depends on the revenue from this and the downline teams.

  • Spillover Binary Plan

    Spillover Binary MLM plan advanced version of forced binary. In forced binary you can recruit only two people into your first level down-line. After that you are not able to recruit new members. So you growth in the business based on your down-line. You can not act much to improve the sales. So that is why Spillover Binary system is introduced. In Spillover Binary after introducing two new member sunder you your will get an opportunity to introduce more members under you down-line. This is an unlimited opportunity where the spillover will not restrict you. You can control the left and right sub-tree by adding members to weaker side, hence ensure the maximum revenue.

Compare Plan

Understanding Level Popularity Level Control on Profit Sharing Capping Required Legs of Tree/ Genealogy MLM Income Distribution
Binary MLM Plan Very Easy High Average Yes 2 Legs Only Unlimited Levels
Matrix MLM Plan Very Easy High High No Unlimited Limited Levels
Uni-level MLM Plan Easy Average High No Optional Optional Levels
Repurchase / Generation MLM Plan Intermediate High Average No Unlimited Unlimited Levels
Board MLM Plan Intermediate Average Average No Optional Optional Levels
Stair Step MLM Plan Easy High High No 2 Legs Only Limited Levels
Help MLM Plan Easy High Average No Optional Optional Levels
Australian Binary MLM Plan Easy High Average Yes 2 Legs Only Unlimited Levels

It’s important to study and understand these plans and make a careful choice to see which is the best for your business. Features that typical MLM marketing software should possess: With the wide array of multi level marketing software available in the market, selecting the best one for your organization is a challenge. Ultimately the choice of the software is based on how cheap and low cost mlm software, goals and objectives of the organization, yet ensure that your software is accompanied by these basic and vital features.

Ease of operation – The best MLM software solutions will be used by a wide range of people, every one of whom might not be able to operate advanced functionalities. The online network marketing software should have a simple interface that can be used by a layman with basic computing knowledge. User friendliness should occupy the centre stage.

Reliable and Secure – Since the users will be making online payments via the direct selling software, it should be accompanied by secure payment gateways.The online mlm software should quickly and smoothly process the payments.

Easily customizable – Based on the compensation plan (Binary, Matrix, Australian X Up, Monoline, Stair Step, etc.) chosen by employees, the MLM system needs to be customized. Since multiple employees will be working on multiple plans, the software should provide customization options.

Modifiable Design template – The look and feel of the software matters to a huge extent.The online mlm software services software should be accompanied by customizable design templates that can be changed as and when required.

Integrated inventory – The features integrating the management of sales, stock and purchase should be incorporated into the network marketing apps.

Multilingual support – A powerful feature which allows users to operate and work on the software in their native language thereby removing the linguistic barrier. How does a Multi level Marketing software help your business grow?